Im back – Life/Tech Update

Hello guys, i am back. Grab something to eat or drink and we will have a catch up. I did this as an interview style to help my brain write things. Its a way that can make my brain tick. Im not that insane yet to interview myself.

So Claire how are you doing?

I am very good thank you. A lot of unimportant things have happened in my time of hiatus to be honest. Just had problems with sleeping but that seems to have resolved itself so its all good.

have you had any luck with a job since you’ve been away?

Yes and No really. I have a time job but it is literally part time. I only work 3 hours a week or sometimes at a push 6 hours and im fed up of working every god damn Saturday. Im looking for a decent and stable job but its not panning out like id want it to.

ah jeez that sucks… So what’s going on tech wise? That’s what we really care about..

Since my time away i have been using Windows Phone and had a spell on Android and now im back on windows phone. I kind of enjoyed android but i had so much trouble with it and on top of that i was pining for WP having seen fellow winphans screenshots of start screens.

This made me realise that WP was really the OS for me. The only reason i got rid of my previous 620 was SD card issues. This one has been good so far. So touch wood it stays that way and i stay with this phone for longer than 4 months.

last time we were here you were a die hard apple fan… Are you still?

No… To be totally honest i am bored of apple. iOS was a bit meh and OS X has become stale and i just don’t enjoy using either product anymore. Im still looking forward to WWDC though.

what are you looking forward to this year.. Tech and non tech wise?

Non tech wise. Probably passing driving. Ive only just started driving again and i am struggling concentrating on study between lessons..

Ive always had a short attention span. Its gonna be much harder than i thought. But the game plan is to get my theory test out of the way so i can 100% focus on driving. So watch this is space.

Tech Wise im looking forward to the launch of WP 8.1 and the flagship phones to follow it. I am also looking forward to the Nokia black update. Seen i haven’t got it yet -.-

 i am also looking forward to see what is announced at MWC this year. And i am looking forward to WWDC to see what amazing innovations Apple brings out. (a prize for those who can detect sarcasm 😛 ) overall i beileve it could be an interesting year in the world of technology.

finally what can we expect from Tech Rex this time now?

well the same as last time but more content. Im hoping to be able to conquer my “talking to strangers” fear and doing a Youtube Series entitled “Rant of the Week” where i take subjects that have sparked anger or confusion and rant about them. So if you wanna see me baffled then that’s the place to be. XD


Anything else to say?

yeah. Last time i did this. My soul aim was to gain viewers/be popular. This had a bad effect on me mentally. This will not be the case this time. I will be doing posts at my pace. I wont be rushing them out that stressed me out too much. I will only write when i can. Most of the time i have lack of inspiration so posts could well be rare.